Predicted Air Travel Trends in 2016

This graphic was created to summarize the findings of the Expedia Inc. report on the predicted travel trends for 2016. The report can be found here:

24 Hours In Montreal, Canada

Montreal, significant not only for the -40°C winters and its +40°C summers, but because of it’s amazing cultural offerings. Whether you travel for food, for music or even for street art, Montreal offers the modern day tourist a unique taste of them all.

Canada’s New Low Fare Airline

The Canadian aviation industry has seen the rise and fall of many airlines across the decades. A new player has decided to step up to the plate and test its durability in the airline market. Introducing NewLeaf Travel Company, an ultra-low-cost Canadian airline that will operate between what’s termed second-tier airports. Following the motto, “Low Fare. Here to There.”, NewLeaf aims to change the way Canadians travel across Canada.

24 Hours In Toronto

Toronto, the 4-1-6, T.O., T dot O, the 416 and, most famously, Drake’s hometown. Nicknames and rapper references aside, Toronto is one of the most popular Canadian cities for travelers. Toronto, from craft beer to a stroll on an island getaway, has activities for everyone.

24 Hours In San Francisco

Short layover in San Francisco? Have a Blue Bottle coffee to treat your caffeine craving, enjoy 25 cent wings at Dr. Teeth, and end it up with a nap in Dolores Park.

Flight Attendant Job Requirements

This is the essential guide to becoming a flight attendant. From language qualifications to education requirements, discover how you can get a job as a flight attendant.

5 Myths About Air Travel

(1) Flying is dangerous. Yes of course, everything you do has some aspect of danger and risk to it. However, flying is not as bad as you think.

5 Types of Passengers Found On An Airplane

veryone takes on a certain persona when they step on the airplane and I wanted to share the rather funny, yet positive ones with you. This is my take on what types of passengers I consistently ran encountered on the airplane.

How Does Your Airline Market Itself?

My various marketing classes this semester have inspired me to take a look at some of the best (or not) airline advertisements in the industry. Below I share my thoughts on some of the funniest, sexiest and heartwarming ads I have found from my favorite airlines.