How Does Your Airline Market Itself?

My various marketing classes this semester have inspired me to take a look at some of the best (or not) airline advertisements in the industry. Below I share my thoughts on some of the funniest, sexiest and heartwarming ads I have found from my favorite airlines.

Turkish Airlines 

This advertisement may be in Turkish and I may not understand one single word, but it doesn’t matter. Viewers can understand the message the advertisement is trying to portray, no matter what language they speak. Advertisers truly do a great job when the ad they create can speak to an audience, regardless of culture. It also does not hurt to have a couple of cute kids to really pull your heartstrings.



“Wake up to flying as it should be”….is true if you have an extra 7000 USD to spend. Regardless of the price, I love how Emirates got Jennifer Aniston on-board. Having a celebrity endorser can definitely strengthen the brand-image if you pick the right person. The humorous way that the commercial compares the “typical” airline experience with that of the “Emirate” experience really gets the point across to viewers.


Virgin Atlantic 

Wow. This commercial absolutely uses sex appeal. As all marketing students know, sex works when it comes to advertising. Virgin Atlantic wants to make YOU feel cool by flying with them. In all honestly, I feel cooler just by watching the ad, so good job Virgin Atlantic for getting that point across. Also, who would not want to work for an airline with uniforms like those – they are amazing!


Air Canada rouge 

Now I know this is certainly not the best commercial but I had to share it since this is the airline I previously worked for. Only being two years in the airline industry, Air Canada rouge was on a bit of a time constraint to get the word out there. The airline could have brought more emotion into the commercial and better highlighted the unique experience that Air Canada rouge provides for its passengers. Air Canada rouge is so different than many airlines, particularly the customer service approach that the flight attendants take and I hope that in further advertisements they are able to portray that. How do you think Air Canada rouge could improve their ad? Comment below. 


What are your favorite advertisements, whether they are for an airline or not. Please share them with me below! 


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