5 Types of Passengers Found On An Airplane

During my flying experience I encountered a vast array of different people, on a daily basis. Everyone takes on a certain persona when they step on to the airplane and I wanted to share the rather funny, yet positive ones with you. This is my take on what types of passengers I would encounter on every flight.

The Mom

child on airplane

Moms and planes do not always go well together. Of course, there are different levels of comfort when it comes to flying with your child and here I will discuss two extremes. First we have the frantic mom: the mom that feels the need to wipe down the entire seat and surrounding seats before her child can sit. This mom also constantly places her child in her lap, in case there is a sudden bought of turbulence. As a reminder, the safest place for your child, if they are not an infant, is in their seat with their own seatbelt on. The second type of mom is the complete opposite. This parent lets their child roam freely down the aisles. Of course, the child can’t go far since they are stuck in a metal tube, however there is a lot of safety equipment which should not be tampered with by children. If this is you, I recommend you keep a closer eye on your child for the sake of keeping the safety equipment intact.

The Yogi 

Senior Woman Stretching On The Beach

There is always that one passenger that spends the majority of the flight standing in the back galley with the flight attendants. As a passenger you may never notice this one, but when you’re working on the airplane you certainly get to know “The Yogi” very well. Now, this passenger tends to be older – maybe mid-60s – retired, and wearing a matching jogging suit. . “Yogis” make their way back usually an hour or so into the flight so they can stretch…what you don’t expect is for them to stay back there for the remainder of the 5 hour flight. This passenger continues attempts to limber up, while simultaneously making conversation. Coincidentally I’ve gotten pretty good at making small talk. If this is you though, please acknowledge that the flight attendants need a moment to perhaps do some yoga themselves or just grab a snack in privacy.

The Businessman

using internet in the airport terminal

Quiet. Focused. Do not disturb. Of course, these are generalized characteristics. You know a businessman when you see him. Comes on with his briefcase and dressed in a suit. His time on the plane is spent working, which I can imagine to be very productive as there are no distractions from Email, Facebook or Twitter. The businessman is often so focused that he does not even require drinks or food. Overall this group of passengers is relatively easy to handle.

The Sleeper


Gotta love “the sleeper”. This passenger spends their flight catching up on sleep. Honestly, I am impressed how some passengers can sleep the entire flight so soundly and wake up refreshed when they arrive at their destination. No matter if the flight attendants run their foot over with the cart or spill apple juice in their hair, they simply continue to sleep. If this is you, I applaud you! This is a great way to get to your destination, in the wink of an eye!

The Ideal


The perfect passenger. Now, the definition of this certainly varies by flight attendant but this is my take. The perfect passenger, in my opinion, is a friendly, chatty (but not overly), knowledgeable traveler. I always enjoyed the passengers who are genuinely interested in me and how my life is working as a flight attendant. They appreciate the work you put in to your job and they understand the difficulties. This passenger stays to chat with you when they come back to use the washroom, but they know when they overstayed their welcome.

What persona do you take on when you board the plane? Share your story below! 


4 Comments Add yours

  1. No business woman in here? 😉 Haha I think I’d go for the one that always wants to watch all the movies but ends up as sleeper…. The cautious one that also wants to be waked up for the meals. Nice reading again!!


  2. Hahaha… The description for Yogi made me laugh!


  3. robakers says:

    Usually I am a sleeper but that is because I have been up all night and trying to get home a day early from my trip. You didn’t say anything about the loud-mouth drunk or the guy who flirts with you. I have sat next to those guys so many times, mostly I found them in the first class section.

    You also didn’t talk about the people who stand up before the Captain sets the brakes. Those people annoy me the most because they aren’t getting off the airplane any sooner. They just think that because they sat in the back that they should get to leave before the rest of us.



    1. Thanks Rob for the comment! Yes, I know those passengers very well. But my goal was to keep it positive – didn’t want to create any negativity.

      Liked by 1 person

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