Best Airlines To Work For In 2016

Do you wonder which airline treated their employees best in 2015? Or which airline will be the most fun to work for in 2016? Luckily, there are tons of resources out there to help you narrow it down. From LinkedIn to Forbes Magazine, there are tons of places to look to find out the airline that suits your needs. Below I created a short, yet comprehensive, post on which airlines seem to consistently make it into the top of every list.

Southwest Airlines:SW

  • Consistently shows up on the top of employee satisfaction studies
  • Forbes lists Southwest Airlines as the 18th best employer in 2015
  • Glassdoor rated as one of the companies with the most satisfied employees
  • Ranks particularly high on work/life balance, career opportunities, employee morale and culture
  • Southwest flight attendants earn an average of $38 an hour, which is competitive for the industry
  • Check out their career site here

Air Canada / Air Canada RougeAC

  • According to Indeed, Air Canada excels in allows current employees to have a fair job work/life balance
  • Supports employee growth and movement within the company
  • Air Canada provides full health benefits to employees
  • Travel benefits apply to the entire Star Alliance family, making travel rewards very appealing
  • Glassdoor listed Air Canada as one of the best places to work in 2016
  • Check out the Air Canada career site here and the Air Canada Rouge employment website here

JetBlue Airways

  • Listed by Forbes as the 19th most desirable company to work for in 2015JB2
  • Great company for ambitious, career-focused airline personnel
  • The employees have fast-paced, high stress days where they move around a lot
  • They get a lot of say in their work schedules, and get good benefits and moderate pay, although not quite up to Southwest’s standards
  • Find out more about employment at JetBlue here

Lufthansa L

  • Offers flexible work contracts: (1) 83 % active flight time, unlimited (flying full-time in summer and reduced in winter); (2) 50 % active flight time, limited (flying full-time for 6 months followed by 6 months of free time)
  • Voted as having a good work culture and work job/life balance
  • Lufthansa is a global leader in innovation and travel destinations
  • Check out Lufthansa’s employment page here

Check out these guides to see which airline you should work for:

Did your airline make it on the list? Should it have? Share your opinion below. 


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