Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for the World Traveler

1. iPro Lens by Schneider

iPro Lens

The iPro lens is not another camera,rather it helps the world traveler in your life enhance the camera functions they already have. The lens simply attaches on to the camera lens of their smartphone, allowing them to take professional grade photos wherever they go.

2. JBL Charge Splashproof Bluetooth Speaker


This high-power bluetooth speaker allows your world traveler to play music anywhere, anytime. From hotel room party to dancing in the rain, the JBL Charge Waterproof Speakers will amplify any song. Get creative and choose the color that best fits fits their personality.

3. Fitbit

Screenshot (30)

The slim and stylish Fitbit options can fit around a wrist or slip into a pocket, allowing your world traveler to track their level of daily activity. From step count, to calories burned, to distance traveled, it helps to accomplish fitness goals.

4. Platypus SoftBottle

Platy_Softbottle_1L_Blue-Ombre.jpgThe Platypus SoftBottle is a flexible, reusable, environmentally friendly water bottle that is perfect for those always on the go. Whether running a race or catching a flight the flexible SoftBottle easily fits into any bag.

5. Jacquard Scarf from Zara

Screenshot (31)

Scarves are the perfect gift idea for travelers; their dual ability to function as a fashion accessory and a blanket allows a world traveler to remain versatile, no matter the situation. On long travel days, take a nap and cover up with this large, comfy blanket. On a cool night out, use the scarf to compliment an outfit and keep warm.

6. Moleskine City Notebooks


The vintage styled Moleskine City Notebooks are fun and useful companions. As expected, the notebooks are filled with blank pages. However, they also have added city and transportation maps, street indexes, an “address book” to log your favorite finds, and adhesive tracing paper so you can document routes on the maps. These notebooks will allow your world traveler to keep track of their voyage, step-by-step.

7. Scratch Map

Screenshot (32)

The Scratch Map from Uncommon Goods allows your world traveler to uniquely track all their travels. By scratching off the areas they’ve visited, bright pops of color will be revealed, turning traveling into an at-home treasure hunt. This colorful map will brighten up any room!


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