24 Hours In Toronto

Toronto, the 4-1-6, T.O., T dot O, the 416 and, most famously, Drake’s hometown. Nicknames and rapper references aside, Toronto is one of the most popular Canadian cities for travelers. From their basketball team – the Toronto Raptors – to the local brewery – Steam Whistle Brewing – Toronto offers a generous variety of activities for all travelers.

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 1. Beer & Tapas – 3 P.M.

Bar Volo, known as Toronto’s Beer Haven, boasts one of the largest selections of local craft beers. The rustic decor and the beautiful outdoor seating makes Bar Volo an after-work hot spot for financial district employees. Walk in, check out the chalkboard listing their daily beer selection, and head over to the bar to order some drinks and snacks.

2. Thai-licious – 7 P.M.

Khao San Road is, hands down, the best Thai food in Toronto. This little gem, located in downtown Toronto offers classic Thai fare to local Torontonians. The Massaman Curry, topped with peanuts and crispy shallots, is a must try.

3. Cheap Beers – 10 P.M.

Sneeky Dees, an edgy Toronto bar, can’t be missed! The bright colors and prime location means this spot is always packed, with locals and tourists alike.  The cheap tex-mex food, all-day breakfast option, and daily drink specials makes Sneaky Dees an option for every night of the week.

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4. Stroll on the Island – 10 A.M. 

Toronto Island, a small chain of islands off the shore of Toronto City, gives Torontonians a place to get away from big city life. In the summer months, locals and tourists alike, plague the island. Rollerblading, biking, kayaking, and swimming, Toronto Island has an activity for everyone.

5. Shopping ft. Lunch – 1 P.M.

Bannock, a biscuit–type bread native to North American aboriginal culture, is also the name of a popular downtown Toronto restaurant. The menu offers creative Canadian-style dishes and drinks.  Located in The Bay, one of Canada’s largest department stores, this restaurant gives you the opportunity to get some post-meal shopping in.


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