24 Hours In Montreal, Canada

Montreal, significant not only for the -40°C winters and its +40°C summers, but because of it’s amazing cultural offerings. Whether you travel for food, for music or even for street art, Montreal offers the modern day tourist a unique taste of them all.


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 1. Le Marché- 3 P.M. 

In the heart of little Italy resides John Talon Market, one of Montreal’s oldest markets. This open-air market sells more than fruits and vegetables, but also flowers, spices, cheese, meat, fish, and a wide variety of local Quebecois products. Jean Talon’s atmosphere is lively throughout all four seasons – the free samples at every corner definitely helps.

2.  Eclectic Sushi – 7 P.M.

Located in the Plateau, at the corner of Duluth and Saint Denis, Saint Sushi Bar attracts people from all over the city. The menu includes the classic roles you expect to see at all Japanese restaurants, but the majority of the items go above and beyond traditional Japanese cuisine. Saint Sushi Bar offers an eclectic and innovative fusion of fresh sushi, made from carefully selected ingredients. Everything there comes together to create a phenomenal culinary experience. It is almost so beautiful that you don’t want to eat it, but once you take that first bite, you can’t stop.

3.  Drinks with a scientific twist – 10 P.M.

Le LAB, a modern speakeasy-style cocktail bar located in the Plateau, is known for their crafty cocktails.  From unique ingredients to artistic presentation, the “labtenders” know the science behind mixing cocktails. Try the “The Chupacabra”, a thick and bloody-looking liquid, made from beet syrup, grapefruit bitters, chipotle tabasco, egg white, lime, curacao and tequila. If you’re looking for something a little harder, you can also try the extensive absinthe menu…


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 4. Des Oeufs – 11 A.M.

Eggs … Oeufs … who doesn’t love ’em? Restaurant L’Avenue is one of many Montreal restaurant that serves up an unbeatable gourmet brunch. With the permanent line of drooling patrons, don’t expect to get a table right away. This retro-inspired restaurant is famous  for their eggs benedict…and for their funky bathrooms. So when you’re finished chowing down be sure to take a trip to the bathrooms.

5. Street Art- 3 P.M.

Montreal, though not widely known, has an impressive collection of street art. With yearly street art festivals, like MuralFest, the city’s walls and buildings are being painted and re-painted with beautiful  street art. The murals depict images with a multitude of meanings, some relating to Montreal’s unique french culture, while others speak about the Canadian native and Inuit heritage. Graffmap, basically the google maps for graffiti, maps out the various murals the city has to offer.

Bonus foodie recommendations:
  • Dépanneur Le Pick-Up – Gourmet & veg-friendly sandwiches plus breakfast offered at a convenience store with outdoor tables
  • Rasoï – Restaurant with an exposed-brick interior & a terrace serving creative & classic Indian dishes
  • L’Gros Luxe – Cafe by day & restaurant/bar at night, this cool spot offers cocktails & creative Canadian fare
  • La Banquise – All-night diner for Québécois grub & local microbrews, with many poutine options & hefty breakfasts
  • La Distillerie – Crowds come to this hopping space for innovative alcoholic drinks served in mason jars
  • Le Sainte-Elisabeth – Celebrated bi-level pub known for a hideaway terrace, offering cocktails, microbrews & casual grub
  • Kazu – Inspired Japanese eats, from housemade tofu to shrimp burgers, in a cozy nook with an open kitchen

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