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My Personal Story

I am proud of my international roots, and I’d like to share that with my fellow students.  My mother is German and my father is Canadian, and I lived and attended Kindergarten in Germany as a small child. As a teenager, I spent several months living with friends of my mother as part of a high school student exchange. In addition, I stayed with my German aunt and grandparents many times during the summers and even worked in hotel close to Munich for a summer as a university student. These experiences allowed me to become fluent in German and that led me to a deeper understanding of the culture, all of which was a gateway to much more international travel and interest.

I have had the privilege to travel to many countries all over the world and have gained an appreciation for the distinct cultures, traditions and customs that I have encountered. My bachelor degree in international development at McGill University allowed me to explore the world even further within an academic setting, where I learned about the influence of politics, economics and religion on the development of different cultures. Upon graduation, I admitted to myself that I did not know exactly what I wanted for my future and that immediately continuing my studies was not the right thing to do. Instead, I took a risk, to work as a flight attendant, support myself, and move to a new city. This multicultural knowledge and experience is the base from which my interest in an international marketing degree from Hult International Business School grew.

My Flight Attendant Learnings

During my time flying with rouge, I was taught more than I would have believed possible when I first began training. My employment with the company began with six weeks of rigorous safety and customer service training. Having completed university with high grades, I’d assumed that training to become a flight attendant would be relatively simple—a bit of studying, some memorization of safety indices, and learning a couple lines of announcements in French and English. However, those six weeks were some of the most intensive and challenging times I have ever experienced. Our group began with 23 individuals and by the time my class graduated, over half of my group had been unsuccessful. After completing training, I felt proud to have been chosen and was excited to start my new career. I realized that I had truly earned this experience and that I should take full advantage of everything I learned.

Working as a flight attendant is not just about customer service and safety. We are also responsible for upholding the rouge brand and image. As such, we were educated in the history and development of the Air Canada rouge marketing strategies and trained how to embody the brand. From our shoes to our make-up to our announcements, we learned how even the smallest elements contribute to the rouge experience. Branding was not a field in which I had extensive knowledge before working for Air Canada rouge, although I had a long held an interest in food branding and consumer behavior. Working for Air Canada rouge really enhanced my interests in the topic and has led me to begin my future in the world of marketing.

My Current Professional Interests

I am a food and culture enthusiast who is passionate about food marketing strategies and brand development in the current consumer market. With the changing composition of societies and the increasing interaction between cultures I want to take part in the development of marketing campaigns that acknowledge our changing society.

Previously, I afforded the unique experience to work as a Flight Attendant, where I interacted with a plethora of different cultures on a daily basis. My language skills and ability to understand customers from across the globe means I hold a more diverse and understanding perspective. I am able to break down problems and find solutions in a fast-paced, international environment.

I want to share the so called “secret life of a flight attendant” with the world. Each and every flight attendant has their own brand and apply certain digital marketing strategies to promote it, as does every airline. The Flight Attendant Diaries is the tool whereby I will share my personal brand. This blog is a space for me to apply my learned digital marketing strategies, not only so I can practice what I learned at school, but also to create more awareness about traveling and the flight attendant career.



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4 Comments Add yours

  1. robakers says:


    Found your site searching for articles about airplanes. You have a very nice site and I love your lists. I work on the other side of the spectrum for a cargo company however I spend many hours flying as a passenger. I really appreciate all the efforts you and your co-workers put in day after day.

    With your permission, I would like to become a follower.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course Rob, please follow. I appreciate the feedback. Enjoy your day!


  2. Carol-Sandra says:

    Wow, Aletta, I am so proud of you. Upon discovering and reading your article, I signed up to follow you. You have had a unique life in travelling the world as a child and now you are continuing that adventure in your studies and career. You are not only beautiful but also very smart! Congratulations! Best Wishes always.
    Carol & Dave


    1. Thanks Carol for the nice words and thank you for reading! Hope all is well with you! All the best!


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