24 Hours In Toronto

Toronto, the 4-1-6, T.O., T dot O, the 416 and, most famously, Drake’s hometown. Nicknames and rapper references aside, Toronto is one of the most popular Canadian cities for travelers. Toronto, from craft beer to a stroll on an island getaway, has activities for everyone.

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for the World Traveler

The ultimate holiday gift guide for the world traveler in your life. From iPro Lens to Moleskine Notebook, you’ll surely be able to satisfy any world traveler.

24 Hours In San Francisco

Short layover in San Francisco? Have a Blue Bottle coffee to treat your caffeine craving, enjoy 25 cent wings at Dr. Teeth, and end it up with a nap in Dolores Park.

5 Types of Passengers Found On An Airplane

veryone takes on a certain persona when they step on the airplane and I wanted to share the rather funny, yet positive ones with you. This is my take on what types of passengers I consistently ran encountered on the airplane.